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Recovery  Priority, LLC has a staff that combines more than 20 years of  experience with mental health and recovery. Our holistic approach and  meaningful solutions for mental health issues have improved the lives of  many individuals. Our services are tailored to address the collective  needs of individuals who struggle with mental health issues. Services  include adult and adolescent populations (13 y/o-Adult) & Tier-3  SBHP/Military Mental Health Provider.

Our  services provide a holistic approach based on therapeutic approaches,  evidenced based research, education, knowledge and the most up-to-date  treatments for mental health issues. We  provide individual therapy to help overcome and cope with problematic  areas of life. We also help to explore and address aspects associated  with unwanted behaviors. We help guide the recovery process and identify  shortcomings that keep individuals from changing their life for the  better. Empowering individuals and healing from within is our mindset. We believe in promoting wellness through prevention, recovery and maintenance. Family involvement is encouraged.

*****Ask about "online telehealth therapy"*****

Online  Counseling allows for greater flexibility in scheduling your sessions.  These forms of therapy are particularly beneficial for individuals who:
• Do not have access to a therapist nearby
• Are anxious or embarrassed about going to therapy
• Do not have the time to get to and from a therapist's office
• Travel extensively for work
• Can not get to a therapist due to lack of mental or physical capability
• Are depressed and unmotivated
• Have small children at home and are the primary care giver     

Connect with the better you and live your life fully. 


New patients are currently being accepted.

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